The Framework

Employability Framework 

The employability framework is designed to better ensure that every young person in Camden leaves education and training with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be competitive and succeed both in the workplace and education, whatever the economic context. It is an approach to managing employability provision and recognising ‘employment-ready’ achievements as well as for identifying the employability skills and experiences young people need to develop to progress through education and training and to be competitive and successful in the labour market. 

The framework includes ‘Employability Passports’ which identify the key experiences and achievements that young people should have at each transition point from Early Years to the Sixth Form.







Successfully interact with others in a range of roles and situations.
Understand the labour and education market and how to search, apply for and secure opportunities
Know how to make contact with people who can help and support them.
Begin to recognise their own worth and set personal goals with short term targets and action steps.
Find out about individuals who have chosen non-traditional options in work?
Have a good understanding of the key elements of a business plan.
Convey information and ideas so that they are received and understood by others.
Present themselves well in front of an audience.
Able to apply their skills to a variety of situations and contexts.

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