Enterprise Activities

CEF Category Long Enterprise

These activities are suggested for each key stage as a means of securing the appropriate skills and experiences for the Enterprise category of the employability framework.


  • Build in opportunities for children to play with materials before using them in planned tasks.
  • Avoid children just reproducing someone else’s ideas
  • Plan linked experiences that follow the ideas children are really thinking about.
  • Use mind-maps to represent thinking together.
  • Develop a learning community which focuses on how and not just what we are learning.
  • Give opportunities to design practical, attractive environments, for example, taking care of the flowerbeds or organising equipment outdoors.

Key Stage 1

  • Find out about a person who has their own business or is self employed
  • Create a mini enterprise e.g make and sell items to raise money

Key Stage 2

  • Create a mini enterprise e.g. run a stall, sell sponsorship space for school calendar?
  • Manage a budget e.g. class stationery budget

Key Stage 3

  • Develop and implement a business idea

Key Stage 4

  • Involvement in a social action project either within school or externally in the community e.g. V inspired

Key Stage 5

  • Use prior learning to inform a successful business plan
  • Manage a small team of peers undertaking a cooperative exercise

Skills & Experiences

  • Know we can get money in different ways
  • Begin to understand about working to earn money

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