Communication Activities

CEF Category Long Comms

These activities are suggested for each key stage as a means of securing the appropriate skills and experiences for the Communication category of the employability framework.


  • Give time for children to initiate discussions from shared experiences and have conversations with each other.
  • Set up collaborative tasks, for example, construction, food activities or storymaking through role-play
  • Help children to talk about and plan how they will begin, what parts each will play and what materials they will need.
  • Provide opportunities for talking for a wide range of purposes, e.g. to present ideas to others as descriptions, explanations, instructions or justifications, and to discuss and plan individual or shared activities.
  • Provide opportunities for children to participate in meaningful speaking and listening activities. For example, children can take models that they have made to show children in another group or class and explain how they were made

Key Stage 1

  • Role plays on jobs they like or business meeting for their mini enterprise
  • In a small group talk about the kinds of jobs they like

Key Stage 2

  • Create a business plan
  • Produce a 2 min presentation on a job they are interested in and the steps they would need to take to get that job

Key Stage 3

  • Prepare a presentation.
  • Write a short report about their visit and how the curriculum area is applied in the working world.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Communicate ideas to peers and Business Volunteers.

Key Stage 4

  • Work experience programme not just placement
  • The Camden Challenge Student’s to present feedback to Peers, Parents, Head teachers/ senior school mangers or employers

Key Stage 5

  • Edit or contribute significantly to the sixth form emagazine
  • Produce a 2 min podcast on a chosen area of extra/curricular expertise

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