Teamwork Activities


These activities are suggested for each key stage as a means of securing the appropriate skills and experiences for the Teamwork category of the employability framework.


  • Opportunities to play turn taking games.
  • Provide role-play areas with a variety of resources.
  • Provide opportunities indoors and outdoors and support the different interests of children, role play of a builder’s yard, encourage narratives to do with building and mending

Key Stage 1

  • Interview role plays
  • Interview adults about the kind of work they do.
  • Apply for responsibilities in class

Key Stage 2

  • Interview role plays
  • Discuss the difference between a quality and a skill.
  • Make a list of the skills and qualities they know then identify skills and qualities in a job
  • Look at pay levels of 5 C’s caring, cooking, cleaning, cashiering and clerical

Key Stage 3

  • Curriculum support
  • World of Work visitors
  • Enterprise/Challenge Days

Key Stage 4

  • Careers Education is embedded across the curriculum so bringing meaning to achievement.
  • Undertake Careers Guidance Interview with resulting action plan

Key Stage 5

  • Mock university/career interview

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