Character Activities

CEF Category Long Character

These activities are suggested for each key stage as a means of securing the appropriate skills and experiences for the Character category of the employability framework.


  • Use Persona Dolls to support children in considering fair ways to share and get on with each other.
  • Involve children in agreeing codes of behaviour and taking responsibility for implementing them.
  • Provide books with stories about characters that follow or break rules, and the effects of their behaviour on others.

Key Stage 1

  • Describe what they are good at
  • Identify something they would like to get better at
  • Set a target for themselves

Key Stage 2

  • Create 3 positive affirmations about themselves
  • Name 2 strategies they could use if they face disappointment

Key Stage 3

  • Understand behaviours required in the work place.
  • Perseverance and resilience.

Key Stage 4

  • Develop personal profile possibly on line.
  • Personal profile and presentation skills embedded in curriculum areas such as English/ Drama and CEIAG (CEGNET – careers across the curriculum

Key Stage 5

  • Undertake community or other local service entailing significant and sensitive communication skills
  • Act as sixth form ambassador, guide or peer mentor

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