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    the biceps real kigtropin femoris muscle glutes, abs and the inner thigh muscles. Take the standing posture, two legs are apart with wide hips, waist, hands card elbow outreach; Hold out a bosom, belly in, visual ahead, will be a lighter weight dumbbells tied in his left ankle. With the power of the quadriceps control, slowly lift to 10 cm high from the ground, two legs straight; Restore to the original position after repeated several times, keep vertical left thigh, control of the biceps femoris muscle strength, bend your knees up to legs parallel to the ground after; Repeated several times, and then change the other side of the leg to do the same action. Family fitness plan 2: knees leg Bend your knees leg family fitness plan aims to exercise abdominal muscles. Its training movement is lie on your back on the ground, two arms flat on body side, two legs and approach, hip and knee flexion, make ham vertical to the ground, legs parallel to the ground, the toe pulled tight. Stomach, head, shoulders lifted off the ground, visual legs; Kigtropin Two arms straight up from the ground to put in on both sides of the knee, palms down. Breathe in, and then to the quadriceps muscle and abdominal muscle and power control, straight legs slowly, and a 45-degree Angle with the ground; At the same time, lift on two arms, upper arm in the ears.

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